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Proformance X is committed to providing the best interactive experience and continuously innovating new technologies to support the sessions between you and the athletes.

“As a coach, I liked the information and position specific drills suggested by the ProX player. Those drills complimented to the ones I was running with my players.”

Louis H.

“My daughter was excited to speak with her ProX coach to who helped her lineup better in the batter’s box. The tips provided were great and easy to grasp. The follow up meeting helped reinforced what she learned and practiced during the game.”

Mario and Hannah R.

“I liked learning from the ProX players who are helping me to prepare for varsity baseball next fall.”

Brandon C.

“From the very first time we’d connected with a ProX player, we were able to draw from their advise. The player was friendly and undertstands my son’s being anxious playing a new position. We’d received great advice on drills for playing centerfield.”

Tony G.

My son was anxious moving up to kid-pitch in the Spring. Ryan really help him prepared for that next level by providing great drills to help him be more comfortable seeing and hitting the ball.

Hannah M.

Since T-BAll, our son has been hesitant fielding the ball afraid it would hit him. The suggestions David provided as been tremendously beneficial to build Tim’s confidence.

Steve W.